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Hello! my name is Valentino, born in 1980. I come from Sardinia and I have been a webmaster since 2009. I love coding, programming and, as you may noticed from site, i also love the cyberpunk style. Contact me if you need to create a Dapp or a smart contract for your NFT collection or your website.

Let's develop your dreams together!

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What is
a Smart Contract ?

In any industry, automation is a necessity as businesses are now looking to maximize profits by keeping expenses as low as possible. Another reason enterprises want automation is to remove human error and make the process as smooth as possible.

Clearly, there are many technologies that enable companies to do just that. Blockchain technology is one of the technologies that offer automation as one of the core features. Smart contracts are used to achieve automation. They are at the core of automation.

Simply, smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that execute when predetermined conditions are met.
And you? what type of smart contract you need? Tell me your project!

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My avatar Neuromancer's book cover.
...a Tribute to Willian Gibson, one of the science fiction's fathers! Link

Website background, mobile and desktop videos, are NFTs created by Ness Graphics.
Every single piece of this collection remind me Gibson's books! Link

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